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Top Human Resources (HR) Leaders in the World

Human Resources

It is definitely a very difficult task to select the top Human Resources (HR) leaders in the world. This is because every company and organisation whatever sector and industry it might relate to has its own unique characteristics. An HR in one might have climbed the ladder of power and fame but it is quite possible that he/she might not be equally successful in another. Hence it is imperative to first consider a few common and general characteristics essential to be a top HR professional and the role play needed to overcome challenges in everyday operational functioning.

Managing Change – One of the major issues faced by any HR executive is dealing with high attrition rates. With global economies being in a high state of flux, employees are constantly looking for career openings that offer better opportunities. Vacancies arising from constant movement have to be filled up quickly to pre-empt any disruptions and ensure seamless flow of work activity. But that is not always easy as the right person with necessary qualifications and adequate experience may be hard to come by. An HR leader who can handle these situations on a constant basis surely will rank among the top in this field.

Structuring effective training programs – Finding the right fit for a role is one of the biggest hurdles faced by an HR professional. When this is not possible, effective training programs have to be structured to bring employees up to par. This can be internal training programs where the HR plays a leading role and the course is designed by senior executives in the same line of work. Or the work can be outsourced to top of the line expert trainers and consultants with vast industry level experience. An HR also has to make sure that all employees are regular updated with the latest technological innovations being constantly introduced.

Creating an optimised work environment – HR leaders need to get down to the basics and micro manage work environments if necessary. Compensation packages admittedly do count a lot but so does a good work environment.  An example is work schedules. An HR should so devise work schedules especially for women that full justice can be done to both personal and professional lives. The latest trend is flexible work timings and it has been seen that companies following this line have higher employee productivity. It also reduces attrition rates and along with salary packages form an important part of employee retention.

These are just a few aspects of what a top HR leader should possess.

Coming to the leaders in the HR field, here are some who have made a mark in this profession, not necessarily in any order.

Shannon Pigram Currently he is working as a Professional Development Manager at Norman, Disney & Youngas Global and is focussed on imparting continuous skill enhancement of employees. He is constantly developing company policies that help in this direction. He also structures leadership programs that impart cutting edge work capabilities to top employees and executives. If you are the one looking to be someone like Shannon, then you should definitely follow him on Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn and get updates on his latest projects and roles. Shannon is surely one of the top leaders in HR. To know more visit

Laszlo Bock – CHRO at Google, Laszlo is the chief architect of what is arguably one of the strongest employer brands in the world. In his 9 year tenure at the Internet giant, Laszlo has constantly striven to make employees tick, be happy and contribute their most to Google.

Tony Galbato – CHRO at Amazon Tony has taken the company to a height where it is universally considered to be one of the best places in the world to work in and one of the strongest employer brands. He is presently leading the company’s global reorganisation effort.

Ellyn J. Shook – CHRO at Accenture, the dimensions of Ellyn’s domain is indeed staggering. She oversees 319,000 employees in 200 cities in 56 countries. It is not only statistics that matter. Accenture’s innovative culture and HR policies are responsible for attracting the best talents in the world.

These are some of the top HR leaders in the world who have become legends in their lifetime.

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