Tips to Increase Workplace Productivity


Enhancing productivity at work place does not happen overnight, it has to be painstakingly built up over time through a judicious mix of good man management, upgrading technology and implementing carefully thought out management strategies. Even simple things that really do not take much of an effort can be useful – improving working conditions, enhancing internal ambience and making for a more comfortable work environment.

Given here are a few tips that you as a business owner can try to implement to increase workplace productivity.

  • Delegate tasks – You might always be tempted to oversee all operational details yourself. However, that will adversely impact productivity levels. Not only will you be unable to do full justice to your work in hand, you will also reduce the element of trust factor that your employees expect that you should have on them. Hence, delegate tasks as much as possible systematically and carefully.

First, determine what you want to delegate. Start off with work that is not critical to your organisation, work that takes up much of your time but is not of high value. Then match the task with the strengths of your staff. Assigning the right type of work to the right person is the key to the success of delegation.

Do not micro manage the delegated work, the basic purpose of delegation is then defeated. Be available to clarify doubts but give your employees a free hand and the autonomy to finish the allotted work on their own. When you delegate work you also delegate responsibility. By trying their best to live up to your expectations, they will walk the extra mile to complete the task effectively and accurately, thereby increasing productivity.

  • Clear lines of Communication – This is very important if you have to increase workplace productivity. At the start of any project, make your expectations crystal clear without any ambiguity. All parameters should be explained very logically including timelines and deliverables. Give your team all the information that they need to complete the project and preferably give all the directions in writing. This will eliminate work place frustration and make sure that the end result is positive and of the desired quality.

  • Upgrade technology – There are two aspects to it. First, you will be able to increase operational efficiencies across board by speeding up processes and ensuring accuracy in project implementation. Secondly, you can track employee output better and take necessary corrective measures if required to carry along the slow movers too.

You will also be able to foster team work. By having cutting edge systems in place, you will eliminate “corporate silos” that impedes quick communication between employees. They can utilise technology to reach out to others engaged in similar projects and can also get expert help and advice regardless of the time and their location. This coordination between project teams definitely goes a long way to increase productivity.

  • Fair and transparent appraisal systems – When you have a fair and transparent appraisal system in place and when your employees know that their efforts will be judged purely on merits without bias, they will go out of their work to put in their best. Rewards and recognition are two very important aspects that increase employee productivity. You should use business productivity software to track performance throughout the year and then take decisions on incremental compensation.

These are some of the aspects that you can follow to increase workplace productivity. However, these are not standardised across industries and organisations. Procedures that you need to follow to enhance workplace productivity will always be specific to your venture. The methods given here can of course be a base from where you can start off.

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