Startup Tips for Tree Services Business

Tree Services Business

Are you interested in starting a comprehensive tree care agency from scratch or even one that does specialised work only like tree pruning and trimming? In both cases, you have to go through all the formalities similar to starting any other venture. With at least the basic knowledge of tree care services and the required training in being an arborist, you can surely make a success of your start-up and see it growing into a well established agency.

Here are a few start-up tips for tree services business and how you can make it into a profit generating entity in the shortest possible time.


Where you should set up your venture is directly linked to the services you will be offering. If you want to focus on tree removal only in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, set up your business in the suburbs of the city. These are generally fast developing areas where a lot of commercial activity and new construction takes place. Hence you will surely find a huge demand for tree removal service in Melbourne suburbs to clear space of trees and other plants and shrubs. Again if your speciality is tree trimming and pruning, landscaping and setting up possum guards, seek a residential locality in Melbourne with plenty of gardens and big backyards to launch your agency.

Further, the space you buy or lease should be big enough to store your working equipment.

Business registration and licence

Initially, you will be doing the bulk of the work yourself or maybe hire a couple of assistants only to help you out. Even then, you should settle for a business name for your agency and have it registered. Construction companies as well as government agencies and individuals prefer to deal with registered businesses instead of individuals. However, you can keep your name in the title of your company. Take the example of Daryl’s Tree Care & Surgery, a leading tree care agency in Melbourne. Even though the name of the owner Daryl is there, the agency is registered as a company.

Each State in Australia has their own legal requirements and statutory regulations for registering companies and issuing licences and hence it is advisable that you contact a business consultant to guide you through the formalities.

Buy equipment

After the paperwork and the legal aspects have been completed, it is time to buy the working equipment. For a tree care agency, having the best of machinery is crucial both from the point of view of safety of the workers and the quality of the work. A few necessary ones are safety boots and gloves, ladders, trimming shears, chain saws, stump removing machinery and a truck. The latter is very useful for taking away stumps and trees after removal or limbs and branches after trimming. You should visit website of a leading tree care agency to know more about the services that you can offer and the machinery required for doing so.

These are basically the most crucial steps in launching tree care services. Other areas that you should also look into include hiring trained workers and arborists, getting business insurance and advertising your business.

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