Business Success

How to get Early Success of your Business

The goal of any small business or start-up is to quickly cross the initial teething problems and become a profit generating entity, all in the shortest possible time. However, it is easier said than done as a host of variables have to be tackled and optimised plans have to be followed to take the business to the next level. So…

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Human Resources
Business, World

Top Human Resources (HR) Leaders in the World

It is definitely a very difficult task to select the top Human Resources (HR) leaders in the world. This is because every company and organisation whatever sector and industry it might relate to has its own unique characteristics. An HR in one might have climbed the ladder of power and fame but it is quite possible that he/she might not…

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Small Business

Road to success for a local business

A local business unlike a fast growing one that has spread its wings beyond State or national borders is limited by its size of operations. A distinction has to be made here between small business and local business. While the former may be small in size, the scope of operations is not restricted to a particular locality. An example is…

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Technology for business
Business, Technology

Using Technology to Increase Your Business Productivity

There is a school of thought that emphasizes on the human touch in business and believes that too much reliance on technical and automated processes is not advisable. In reality, however, this is far from the truth. Introducing and taking help of technologies that speed up operating times can only be good for the organisation and improve employee productivity as…

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White Teeth

Consult dentist for teeth whitening

There are different factors to be considered for whitening teeth to make it look better. Due to the medical advancements in dental treatment, teeth whitening are easy these days. With the advice from dentist, you can buy suitable whitening product and get desired result. It is must to consult dentist to treat the discoloured teeth because there are many chances…

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Law Firm

Finishing Law School? Start Your Own Law Firm

If you set your sights high enough and even if you succeed by half, you will surely be a star in your own right. It’s something like dreaming of starting a law firm when you are still in college. Fellow students might call you insane but when you are really serious of branching out on your own and not being…

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Tips to Increase Workplace Productivity

Enhancing productivity at work place does not happen overnight, it has to be painstakingly built up over time through a judicious mix of good man management, upgrading technology and implementing carefully thought out management strategies. Even simple things that really do not take much of an effort can be useful – improving working conditions, enhancing internal ambience and making for…

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