How to start an online jewellery business

online jewellery business

Starting an online jewellery store is undoubtedly an exciting prospect but also one that comes with a host of questions and doubts. Where to start and whether you have enough expertise and creativity in jewellery designing are some of the significant issues that need to be answered first. The bright side is that all owners of online jewellery business have faced these issues initially but have gone on to become a success. If others can, so can you but only if you are systematic and follow some specific norms while setting up your business.

Here are a few tips that you will do well to follow for making a success of your online jewellery business.

Take care of the legal aspects

Some basic statutory and legal requirements have to be met before you can venture out into the online business. If you do not have a trading name, you have to choose one that can be connected instantly with your creations and designs. At a later stage when you take up digital marketing campaigns, it will help increase brand awareness among existing and potential customers.

As a jeweller, you will be working with precious metals and stones and these have to be hallmarked correctly. Even you have an existing jewellery store and are now branching out online you have to take specific permissions and licences. Get a professional to help you out as the laws vary between States and territories in Australia.

Organise your products

Regardless of whether you have an existing jewellery business and a well-established product line and want to branch out in the online segment or start a business from scratch, you have to organise your products for online compatibility. Consider a regular brick and mortar store of a reputed jeweller such as Australian Diamond Company. They have an exquisite line of products and when a customer enters the store, he/she can move around and see the various pieces.

But for an online segment of the same store, the brochures have to be categorised into say, earrings, bangles, necklaces or rings for the benefit of the visitor to their site. The same goes for you even if you are launching online directly as an individual entity. Organise your products so that the customer can compare and choose from them, comfortably and conveniently.

Have a well-designed website

This point is crucial for any e-commerce site as user-friendliness and easy navigability will help transform casual visitors into potential customers. Engage the services of a reputed web design and development agency that will also take up sustained digital marketing campaigns on your behalf. The package should include add-on services like social media integration and email opportunities. The necessary requirements are home page, product pages and contact details.

Get your shopping cart right

Your sales and business growth will depend mainly on the experience of a customer at checkout. This aspect will be in-built in your web development package. Offer as many payment options as you can and ensure that your site is fully secured as crucial personal information like credit card details will be given on your site. That your site is fully secured can be seen from the https/: on your URL instead of the usual http:/ in others. Getting customer confidence in your online business will be vital for growth and development, more so when the items offered by you are expensive.

These are some of the aspects that you should focus on for starting an online jewellery business.

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