About Us

An increasingly competitive business environment the world over is today forcing organisations to explore fresh avenues to protect their already stressed out profit margins. Some things are constant – upgrading to new technologies or creating an employee friendly work environment. However, by increasing employee productivity, companies can substantially enhance profitability without adding to overheads.

There are many ways that a business owner can do so, depending on the specifics of his venture and the strengths and weaknesses of the staff. Every company needs to follow different methodologies to achieve high productivity and this is what makes it a tad complex, one reason why there needs to be an authoritative site that can act as a guide to business owners.

This is what we at getorganised.co have set out to do. Ours is a blog site devoted exclusively to explore ways and means by which companies can increase employee productivity across board. We invite blogs from experts in this field – business consultants, management strategists and business owners who have successfully lifted workplace productivity in their organisations. Your skills and knowledge and considered opinions will immensely benefit our readers wanting to know more on the subject.

Contributors to our blog site can choose any topic to write on provided it is relevant to our niche. However, we can suggest a few to set blogging enthusiasts on their way.

You can start with focussing on any one area of enhancing staff productivity. These can be delegation of responsibility, upgrading technology or on the advantages of having a fair and transparent employee appraisal in place. Each of the points can be analysed in detail with recommendations to our readers on how to implement them successfully. Business owners among visitors to our blog site getorganised.co can thereby benefit immensely.

Another area that adds to levels of employee productivity is the internal ambience and workplace environment. A wide range of studies have been carried out on this subject and it has been seen that even colour themes at workplace plays a role in employee productivity. Bloggers who have an in-depth knowledge on this subject may write in to us giving their experiences in this field.

Workplace productivity covers many topics. Any news, information, trivia or methodologies on this niche will be welcomed by us.