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My To-Do List Diet

Busy.  Busy.   Tick. Tick.  Tick.  Overworked? Underpaid? Overwhelmed? Freaking out? Sound familiar? Raise your hands if you’re dreaming of a day where your to-do list is done. Recently I announced that I was going on a “To-do list” diet.  Eat less, exercise more, get skinny!  Say yes to less, do more and watch the to-do’s disappear!  That’s where […]

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5 Top tips to start the year right

Let 2012 be your year of reflection and follow through. 1. Review the year that has just passed and decide if there are projects you still need to finish, delegate or abandon so that you can move on guilt free. 2. Choose two things that you would like to change in this year. Write these down and […]

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